70th KDB- Arulmigu Subramania Swamy Thirukkovil, Marungoor, Agastheeswaram Taluk. (Major Temple)

kdb-707Arulmigu Marungoor Subramania Swamy Thirukkovil

Location Map

The Southern most – last Ancient Murugan temple in India – MARUNGOOR This place is 15kms before Kanyakumari. 

About the village Marungoor:
Idai-aatru-mangalam is the ancient name of this place and it was another famous name in the history. Since this place had 2 rivers flowing around. During the Cholas and Pandyas period, this place was a famous citadel. I recollect characters like Idayaatrumangalam Nambi, Naraayanan Sendhan..being mentioned in the historic novel – “ Kaandhaloor Chaalai”. This place is more than 2000 years old. Some of the tamil poets of the Sangam period – like Marungoor Kizhaar Kannannar, Marungoor Baahai Chaathan Bhoodhanaar, Marungoor Pattinaththu sendhan kumaranaar are from this place. The names like Sendhan, Bhoodhathaan, Sastha, Bhoodhanaathan, Bhoodhathaan are more commonly used even today.  Though there are 2 villages in North Arcot district and in Tanjore district, they don’t have temples. Marungoor in Kanyakumari dist was a famous Citadel. Kings of South Pandya dynasty had this place as their head quarters. Some of the known names of kings are Ravi Varman, Vanchi aadityan, Vanchi Nallaan, Azhagiya naayagan, Sendhan Madhavan, Udhaya Marthandan, Vanchi Marthandan & Ramanaadhiththan. The neighbouring villages still have the names of these kings. Eg: (Ravipudhur, Thiruvanchi nallur, Azhagiyanayagapuram (aka) Azhaganaapuram, Nallur, Kulasekaran pudhur, Vanchi Marthaanda nallur (Rajavoor), Sendhanpudhur, Kulasekarapuram are the names of villages here. This was a war bastion with huge sheds for horses, armour houses, fort. The emergency armour room is now called as Aabhaththu kaaththa veera nangai temple. This is the family deity of the local chieftains (small kingdoms). The Govt seal had a peacock and roaster as symbol and has “ Thirukkai vela sengundham thunai ” as slogan. During Navarathri times, they had special functions here and celebrated Durgashtami in the Devi temple here and all weapons were kept in puja and was taken on parade on the 10th day, along with Palli vettai ceremony. The last king was Sahala kalai Marthanda Varma till AD 1504. He couldn’t rule further. He kept his swords and weapons at the feet of devi here and even now the royal function has weapons placed in display. In ancient times Marungoor village was a place for iron and steel industry. The soil was rich in iron and it was extracted and weapons were made. Steel was exported from this area. Over the centuries, the reserves were lost. (ref: Travancore State Manual – Vol – 2 – Page 635)

About the Temple : Its believed that when Agastyar came down to Podhigai malai, he has installed this Murugan here.

Legend: After Indran got cleansed from the curse of Sage Gowthamar @ Suchindrum temple, Indran’s horse – Uccaiḥśravas- also wanted salvation. It asked the same with Suchindrum Sivan. He directed the horse of Indran to go to MArungoor and worship the Murugan there for salvation. The horse told it cant go there. It came along with Sunandhan and worshiped Murugan here and got salvation. Since the horse got salvation, this place is also called Vaaji Puram.

Name of the deity: Marungoor Thirumalai Amararpathy kaaththa Perumaal Subramanya Swami. He saved Indran from danger and hence he is named so. Its believed that after doing the Artha jaama pujai at Suchindrum temple, Indran comes to this place, takes bath in Amaravathy kulam here and worships Aabhaththu kaatha devi and Murugan here. There is a tunnel connecting the sanctum sanctorum of both the temples, used during ancient times, during the times of war.. In 1570, the hands of the Murugan statue broke off. The king tried to change the stone idol. But the God came in his dream and asked him not to replace the statue. Instead he was asked to fit the panchaloga (alloy of 5 metals) hands. The king did so. (Ref: Travancore State Manual – Vol 2, Pg 294-295). The same can be seen even now. The thiruvaasi, prabhai and the statue are all sculptured out of a single stone. This is the uniqueness of this idol.

Main deity: Valli – Devasena samedha Subramanya swamy.
Other deities = Kulasekara Vinayakar, Sangili Bhoodhathaan, Kasi Viswanathar,

Functions: Soora samhaaram = Iippasi month, Thirukkalyaanam = Chithirai month, Thirukarthikai = Karthikai month.

The hill view is beautiful during mornings and evenings. Om Saravanabhava !