Boothapandy Devaswom Group பூதபாண்டி தொகுதி தேவஸம்


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Boothapandi (Thovalai Taluk) is a panchayat town in Kanyakumari district, It is the headquarters of Thovalai taluk, which is one among the four taluks of Kanyakumari district. Boothapandi was a part of Thiruvithancore State before the independence of India. kdb-1The Bhoothappandi panchayat was originally part of the Travancore Kingdom & formed on 1936 by The Diwan of Princely state Thiruvithancore.  Boothapandi was part of the newly formed state of Travancore-Cochin (Kerala). The States Reorganisation Act, 1956 came into effect from the 1 November 1956, and consequently, the Tamil-speaking area of Thovalai taluk of Thiruvananthapuram district were transferred from Thiru-Kochy State to Madras State including  73 Travancore Devaswom Board Temples. These Temples are now under the Administration & Control of The Joint Commissioner, Kanyakumari District Devaswom Board, Suchindram. It was when the states were divided on Language basis that Thovalai taluk of erstwhile Padmanabhapuram divition in Thiruvananthapuram District of The Travancore-Cochin State. Then the Padmanabhapuram Divition of Travancore-Cochin State were included in Madras State; kdb-111Then Madras State was later renamed as Tamil Nadu State and then The Padmanabhapuram Divition of erstwhile Thiruvanathapuram District becomes as Kanyakumari Distrisct of Tamilnadu State.

The Tovala Taluk Map attached in bottom of this page. From this Map we can able to realise the exact Locations of Sarkar Devaswom vakai Lands, Sree Pandara vakai Lands, Sree Paadam vakai Lands, Reserved Forest area & Villages of Tovala Taluk (copy extracted from The Travancore Devaswom Records – 1914 AD / 1090 ME).

Name of Villages in Thovalai Thaluka: Ananthapuram, Aralvoimozhy, Arumanalloor, Ashamboo, Azhakiapandiapuram, Beemanagari-Vp, Bhoothapaandi, Erachakulam-Vp, Esanthimangalam-Vp, Gnalam-Vp, Kadukkarai-Vp, Kattupudur-Vp, Mahendragiri, Mathavalayam, Poigaimalai, Sahaya Nagar, Senbagaramanpudur, Thadaga Malai, Thadikkarankonam-Vp, Thazhakudi, Thekkumalai (East), Thekkumalai (West), Thellanthi -Vp, Therisanamcoppu-Vp, Thidal (Ananthapuram), Thidal (Ananthapuram, Hariharaputrar Estate), Thidal (Ananthapuram, Sengamal Estate), Thiruppathisaram-Vp, Thovalai, Veerapuli.

இணைக்கப்பட்ட திருக்கோயில்கள்

Incorporated Devaswoms

1st KDB – Arulmigu Bhoothalingaswamy Thirukkovil, Bhoothappandi, Thovala Taluk.  (Major Temple)©® – [Click here]

2nd KDB – Arulmigu Azhagia Nambi Thirukkovil, Thirukurungudi, Azhagiyapandi puram, Thovala Taluk. (Major Temple)©® – [Click here]

3rd KDB – Arulmigu ThiruVenkatathappar Thirukkovil,  Azhagiyapandipuram,  Thovala Taluk. (Major Temple)©® – [Click here]

4th KDB – Arulmigu Thiruvazhimaarban Thirukkovil, Thiruppathisaram, Thovala Taluk .(Major Temple)©® – [Click here]

5th KDB – Arulmigu Azhakeswari Jayantheeswarar Thirukkovil, Thazhakudy,  Thovala Taluk. (Major Temple)©® – [Click here]

6th KDB (a)- Arulmigu Krishnaswamy Thirukkovil, Thovala, Thovala Taluk.(Major Temple)©® – [Click here]

6th KDB (b)- Arulmigu Malayil Subrahmaniaswamy Thirukkovil, Thovala, Thovala Taluk (Major Temple©® – [Click Here]
Sub-1: Arulmigu Kaakkum Vinayagar Thirukkovil, Thovalai,(KDB 6)©®-[Click here]

7th KDB – Arulmigu Meenakshi Sundareswarar  Thirukkovil, Aaralvaaimozhy, Thovala Taluk. (Major Temple)©® – [Click here]

8th KDB – Arulmigu Ragaveswarar Thirukkovil, Darishanamcope,  Thovala Taluk. (Major Temple)©® – [Click here]

9th KDB – Arulmigu Chiraimeetta Kumareshar Thirukkovil, Chiramadam, Thovala Taluk .(Minor Temple)©® – [Click here]

10th KDB – Arulmigu  Perumal Thirukkovil, Bhuthapandy, Thovala Taluk .(Minor Temple)©® – [Click here]

11th KDB – Arulmigu Harihara Vinayagar Thirukkovil, Keshavanputhoor, Thovala Taluk .(Minor Temple)©® – [Click here]

12th KDB – Arulmigu Attinkara Krishnaswamy Thirukkovil, Azhagiyapaandipuram, Thovala Taluk .(Minor Temple)©® – [Click here]

13th KDB – Arulmigu Madavilagam Thirukkovil, Azhagiyapaandipuram, Thovala Taluk. (Minor Temple)©® – [Click here]

14th KDB – Arulmigu Mahadevar Thirukkovil, Jadayupuram, Thiruppathisaaram, Thovala Taluk .(Minor Temple)©® – [Click here]

15th KDB – Arulmigu Bhagavathy Kottaram Thirukkovil, Thovalai, Thovala Taluk. (Minor Temple)©® – [Click here]

16th KDB – Arulmigu  Sreekanteswara Mudaya Nainaar Thirukkovil, Kadukkara, Thovala Taluk. (Minor Temple)©® – [Click here]

17th KDB – Arulmigu Emperuman Thirukkovil, Chiramadam, Thovala Taluk .(Minor Temple)©® – [Click here]

18th KDB – Arulmigu Mulayanalloor Kandan Sastha Thirukkovil,  Mulayanalloor,  Chiramadam, Thovala Taluk. (Minor Temple)©® – [Click here]

19th KDB – Arulmigu Sakalakala Marthanda Pillayar Thirukkovil, Thovala Taluk. (Minor Temple)©® – [Click here]

20th KDB – Arulmigu Arumanalloor Kandan Sastha Thirukkovil, Arumanalloor, Thovala Taluk (Minor Temple)©® – [Click here]

21th KDB – Arulmigu Anthirapuram Sastha Thirukkovil, Anthaarapuram, Thovala Taluk. (Minor Temple)©® – [Click here]

22th KDB – Arulmigu Umayeeswara MudayaNainar Thirukkovil, Thuravankaadu,  Thovala Taluk .(Minor Temple)©® – [Click here]

23th KDB – Arulmigu Kotheswara Mudaya Nainar Thirukkovil, Sree Padmanabha Nalloor, Seethappaal,  Thovala Taluk. (Minor Temple)©® – [Click here]

24th KDB – Arulmigu AzhagiaMannar Thirukkovil,Sree Padmanabha Nalloor, Seethappaal, Thovala Taluk. (Minor Temple)©® – [Click here]

25th KDB – Arulmigu Thenpaaraividangal shivan Thirukkovil, Thenpaarai, Thovala Taluk .(Minor Temple)©® – [Click here]

26th KDB – Arulmigu Thiruvaiyaaru Mahadevar Thirukkovil, Eesaanthimangalam, Thovala Taluk. (Minor Temple)©® – [Click here]

27th KDB – Arulmigu Perumal Thirukkovil, Eesaanthimangalam, Thovala Taluk. (Minor Temple)©® – [Click here]

28th KDB – Arulmigu Iluppavundaya Kandan Sastha Thirukkovil, Navalkkad, Thovala Taluk. (Minor Temple)©® – [Click here]

29th KDB – Arulmigu Udayamarthandeswarar Thirukkovil, Yerachchakulam, Thovala Taluk. (Minor Temple)©® – [Click here]

30th KDB – Arulmigu Aadhichanputhoor Earavi Vinayagar Thirukkovil, Chenpakaraman Puthoor,  Thovala Taluk. (Minor Temple)©® – [Click here]

31th KDB – Arulmigu Karumanikandan Sastha Thirukkovil, Keshavanputhoor, Thovala Taluk. (Small Temple)©® – [Click here]

32th KDB – Arulmigu Kozhunthadi Kandan Sastha Thirukkovil, Keshavanputhoor, Thovala Taluk. (Small Temple)©® – [Click here]

33th KDB – Arulmigu Moolakulathu Kandan Sastha Thirukkovil,  Azhagiyapandipuram,  Thovala Taluk. (Small Temple)©® – [Click here]

34 th KDB – Arulmigu Aariyankaavu Kandan Sastha Thirukkovil, Thovala, Thovala  Taluk.  (Small Temple)©® – [Click here]

35th KDB – Arulmigu Arasudaya (Arasadi) Kandan Sastha Thirukkovil, Thovala, Thovala Taluk. (Small Temple)©® – [Click here]

36th KDB – Arulmigu Idamalai Vaalayyan Thirukkovil, Ananthapuram, Thovala Taluk. (Small Temple)©® – [Click here]

37th KDB – Arulmigu Nilappaarai Kandan Sastha Thirukkovil, Aaralvaaimozhy, Thovala Taluk. (Small Temple)©® – [Click here]

38th KDB – Arulmigu Kalingumugaththu  Bhoothaththaan Thirukkovil,  Aaralvaaimozhy, Thovala Taluk .(Small Temple)©® – [Click here]

39th KDB – Arulmigu Valiya Yajamaan Thirukkovil, Aaralvaaimozhy, Thovala Taluk. (Small Temple)©® – [Click here]

40th KDB – Arulmigu Aananthavalli Amman Thirukkovil,  Aaralvaaimozhy,  Thovala Taluk. (Small Temple)©® – [Click here]

41th KDB – Arulmigu Kottaikkarai Kandan Sastha Thirukkovil,  Aaralvaaimozhy, Thovala Taluk. (Small Temple)©® – [Click here]

42th KDB – Arulmigu Chempoosy Thirukkovil, Iraviputhoor, Thovala Taluk. (Small Temple)©® – [Click here]

43th KDB – Arulmigu Kuruchchipparai Kandan Sastha Thirukkovil, Aaladi, Thovala Taluk. (Small Temple)©® – [Click here]

44th KDB – Arulmigu Chandana Nangai Amman Thirukkovil, Kaattuputhoor,  Thovala Taluk. (Small Temple)©® – [Click here]

45th KDB – Arulmigu Nagaramman Thirukkovil, Kaattuputhoor, Thovala Taluk. (Small Temple)©® – [Click here]

46th KDB – Arulmigu Aalathurai Vaalayyan Thirukkovil, Kadukkarai, Thovala Taluk. (Small Temple)©® – [Click here]

47th KDB – Arulmigu Kaliyugaththumeyyan Thirukkovil, Kadukkarai, Thovala Taluk .(Small Temple)©® – [Click here]

48th KDB – Arulmigu Ananthapuram Bhoothathan Thirukkovil, Ananthapuram, Kadukkarai, Thovala  Taluk. (Small Temple)©® – [Click here]

49 th KDB – Arulmigu Arasadi Kantan Thirukkovil, Chiraimadam, Thovala Taluk. (Small Temple)©® – [Click here]

50 th KDB – Arulmigu Annaamalai Kandan Sastha Thirukkovil, Thovala Taluk. (Small Temple)©® – [Click here]

51th KDB –Arulmigu Aiyinimoottu Bhoothathan Thirukkovil, Chiraimadam, Thovala Taluk. (Small Temple)©® – [Click here]

52 th KDB – Arulmigu Aattoor Kandan Sastha Thirukkovil, Chiraimadam, Thovala Taluk.(Small Temple)©® – [Click here]

53 th KDB – Arulmigu Vidankar Vinayagar Thirukkovil, Chiraimadam, Thovala Taluk. (Small Temple)©® – [Click here]

54 th KDB – Arulmigu Kulathumkara Kandan Sastha Thirukkovil, Anthirapuram,  Thovala Taluk. (Small Temple)©® – [Click here]

55th KDB – Arulmigu Azhagadri Kandan Sastha Thirukkovil, Ananthapuram,  Thovala Taluk. (Small Temple)©® – [Click here]

56th KDB – Arulmigu Anakkara Marthaandeswara Mudaya Nainar Thirukkovil, Anakkara,  Thovala Taluk. (Small Temple)©® – [Click here]

57th KDB – Arulmigu Arasadi Kadan Sastha Thirukkovil, Therisanamcoppu,  Thovala Taluk. (Small Temple)©® – [Click here]

58th KDB – Arulmigu Veera Kerala Pillayar Thirukkovil, Boothapaandi, Thovala Taluk. (Small Temple)©® – [Click here]

59th KDB – Arulmigu Orana Kandan Sastha Thirukkovil, Boothapaandi, Thovala Taluk. (Small Temple)©® – [Click here]

60 th KDB – Arulmigu Karumeni Kandan Sastha Thirukkovil, Boothapaandi,  Thovala Taluk. (Small Temple)©® – [Click here]

61th KDB – Arulmigu Esanamadam Pillayar Thirukkovil, Boothapaandi,  Thovala Taluk .(Small Temple)©® – [Click here]

62th KDB – Arulmigu Pulimugathu Kandan Sastha Thirukkovil, Boothapaandi,  Thovala Taluk. (Small Temple)©® – [Click here]

63th KDB – Arulmigu Erukkalaamkaavudaiya Kandan Sastha Thirukkovil, Erachchakulam, Thovala Taluk. (Small Temple)©® – [Click here]

64th KDB – Arulmigu Neerkaavudaiya Kandan Sastha Thirukkovil,  Veeranarayana  Mangalam,  Thovala Taluk. (Small Temple)©® – [Click here]

65th KDB – Arulmigu Irumudichozha Vinayagar Thirukkovil, irachchakulam,   Thovala Taluk. (Small Temple)©® – [Click here]

66th KDB – Arulmigu Sooramuppidaary Amman Thirukkovil, Thaazhaakkudi,  Thovala Taluk. (Small Temple)©® – [Click here]

இணைக்கப்படாத திருக்கோயில்கள் – பகுதி-1

Unincorporated Devaswoms – Part -1

1st  KDB (456)- Arulmigu Ethiravalli Chozha Vinayagar Thirukkovil, Thazhakkudi, Thovala Taluk. (Personal Deposited Temple)©® – [Click here]

2nd  KDB (466)- Arulmigu Thazhayil Kandan Sastha Thirukkovil, Thovala Taluk. (Personal Deposited Temple)©® – [Click here]

3rd KDB (467)- Arulmigu Kaakkum Vinayagar Thirukkovil, Thovalai, Thovala Taluk.  (Personal Deposited Temple)©® – [Click here]

4th KDB (468)- Arulmigu Kannimoola Vigneswarar Thirukkovil, Thovala Taluk. (Personal Deposited Temple)©® – [Click here]

5th  KDB (469)- Arulmigu Bheemanagari Ethiravalli Chozha Vinayagar Thirukkovil,  Thiruppathisaaram,  Thovala Taluk. (Personal Deposited Temple)©® – [Click here]

6th  KDB (476)- Arulmigu Thazhakkudi Thirukkoililulla Thirukklyana Nithiyam  Thirukkovil,  Thazhakkudi, Thovala Taluk. (Personal Deposited Temple)©® – [Click here]

இணைக்கப்படாத திருக்கோயில்கள் – பகுதி-2

Unincorporated Devaswoms – Part -2

  1st  KDB (474)- Arulmigu Nainar Edakkavudayar (Erukkalamkaavudaya) Kandan Sastha  Thirukkovi,  Ananthapuram, Thovala Taluk  (Sangetha  Temple©® – [Click here]

நன்கொடை உதவி பெரும் திருக்கோயில்கள்/மடங்கள்

Grant In Aid Temples / Matoms / Institutions

1.  Arulmigu Kadukkarai Ayyappaswami Thirukkovil (GIA Temple)– [click here]

2.  Arulmigu Thovala Chakkaragiri Subramoniaswamy Thirukkovil (GIA Temple) – [click here]

3.  Arulmigu Kannimoola Vigneswarar Thirukkovil  (GIA Temple)– [click here]