Padmanabhapuram Devaswom Group பத்மநாபபுரம் தொகுதி தேவஸம்

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Padmanabhapuram (Kalkulam Taluk + Eraniel Taluk) was the erstwhile capital of the princely state of Travancore in India. The Travancore King, H.H. Sri.Rama Varma, who was popularly known as Dharma Raja, shifted the capital in 1795 from padmanabhapuram-palacePadmanabhapuram-palace-Padmanaabhapuram (Kalkulam) to Thiruvananthapuram. By that time, the boundaries of the Travancore had extended to half of the present day Kerala State. Up to 1957, Padmanabhapuram formed part of the Travancore Kingdom and subsequently the Travancore-Cochin State. The States Reorganisation Act, 1956 came into effect from the 1st November 1956, and consequently, the Tamil-speaking area of Kalkulam & Eraniel taluks of Thiruvananthapuram district were transferred from Travancore-Cochin to Madras State including  128 Travancore Devaswom Board Temples. These Temples are now under the Administration & Control of The Joint Commissioner, Kanyakumari District Devaswom Board, Suchidram. It was when the states were divided on Language basis that Kalkulam & Eraniel Taluks of erstwhile Padmanabhapuram divition in Thiruvananthapuram District of The Travancore-Cochin State. Then the Padmanabhapuram Divition of Travancore-Cochin State were included in Madras State; The Madras State was later renamed as Tamil Nadu State and then The Padmanabhapuram Divition of erstwhile Thiruvanathapuram District becomes as Kanyakumari Distrisct of Tamilnadu State.

Related imageThe Kalkulam Taluk Map: attached in bottom of this page. From this Map we can able to realise the exact Locations of Sree Pandara vakai Lands, Sarkar Devaswom Vakai Lands, Kandukrishi Vakai Lands, Sree Paadam Vakai Lands, Reserved Forest area, Irrigation Channels & Villages of Kalkulam Taluk (copy extracted from The Travancore Devaswom Records – 1914 AD / 1090 ME).

The Eraniel Taluk Map: attached in bottom of this page. From this Map we can able to realise the exact Locations of Sree Pandara Vakai Lands, Sarkar Devaswom Vakai Lands, Kandukrishi Vakai Lands, Sree Paadam Vakai Lands, Irrigation Channels & Villages of Eraniel Taluk (copy extracted from The Travancore Devaswom Records – 1914 AD / 1090 ME).

இணைக்கப்பட்ட திருக்கோயில்கள்

Incorporated Devaswoms

160th KDB (159)- Arulmigu Thirunandikarai Sree Nantheeswara Mahadevar Thirukkovil, Thirunandikara, Kalkulam Taluk. (Major Temple)©® – [click here]

161th KDB (160)- Arulmigu Ponmana Mahadevar Thirukkovil, Ponmana, Kalkulam Taluk. (Major Temple©® – [Click Here]

162nd KDB (161)- Arulmigu Manalikkara Sri Krishnaswamy Thirukkovil, Manalikkara, Kalkulam Taluk. (Major Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

163th KDB (162)- Arulmigu Ramaswamy Thirukkovil, Fort-Padmanabhapuram, Kalkulam Taluk. (Major Temple©® – [Click Here]

164th KDB (163)- Arulmigu Neelakanta Swamy  Thirukkovil, Keezhakkulam, Padmanabhapuram, Kalkulam Taluk. (Major Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

165th KDB (164)- Arulmigu Thevarakettu Saraswathy Amman Thirukkovil, Padmanabhapuram, Kalkulam Taluk.(Major Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

166th KDB (165)- Arulmigu Alampara Bhagavathy Thirukkovil, Padmanabhapuram, Kalkulam Taluk. (Major Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

167th KDB (166)- Arulmigu Melancode Sivan (Kaalakaalar)  Thirukkovil, Melancode, Kalkulam Taluk. (Major Temple©® – [Click Here]

168th KDB (167)- Arulmigu Kumaraswami Thirukkovil, Velimalai, Kalkulam Taluk. (Major Temple)©® -[click Here]

169th KDB (168)- Arulmigu Keralapuram Mahadevar Thirukkovil, Keralapuram, Kalkulam Taluk. (Major Temple©® – [Click Here]

170th KDB (169)- Arulmigu Thiruvithamcode Mahadevar Thirukkovil, Thiruvithamcode, Kalkulam Taluk. (Major Temple©® – [Click Here]

171th KDB (170)- Arulmigu Krishnaswamy Thirukkovil, Alwarcoil,  Eranial, Kalkulam Taluk. (Major Temple©® – [Click Here]


Sub-1: Arulmigu Aalwaar Kovil Moolasthana Kovil Mandapam (KDB 170)©® – [Click Here]

172nd KDB (171)- Arulmigu Marthandeswarar Thirukkovil, Maarthandeswaram, Eranial, Kalkulam Taluk.(Major Temple©® – [Click Here]

173rd KDB (172)- Arulmigu Mandaikkadu Bhagavathy Amman Thirukkovil, Mandaikkadu, Kalkulam Taluik. (Major Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

174th KDB (173)- Arulmigu Mahishasura Mardhini (Bhagavathyamman) Thirukkovil, Valvachaghoshtam, Kalkulam Taluk. (Major Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

175th KDB (174)- Arulmigu Radhakrishnan Thirukkovil, Thingalchanthai, Kalkulam Taluk. (Major Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

176th KDB (175)- Arulmigu Bhadrakali Amman Thirukkovil, Velimalai, Kalkulam Taluk. (Minor Temple©® – [Click Here]

177th KDB (176)- Arulmigu Esakki Amman Thirukkovil, Velimalai, Kalkulam Taluk.(Minor Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

178th KDB (177)- Arulmigu Perumal Thirukkovil, Padmanabhapuram, Kalkulam Taluk. (Minor Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

179th KDB (178)- Arulmigu Chorimuththayyan Thirukkovil, Padmanabhapuram, Kalkulam Taluk.(Minor Temple©® – [Click Here]

180th KDB (179)- Arulmigu Thampuran Thirukkovil, Padmanabhapuram, Kalkulam Taluk. (Minor Temple©® – [Click Here]

181th KDB (180)- Arulmigu Koonaamkaani Sastha Thirukkovil, Koonaamkaani,  Thiruvithamcode, Kalkulam Taluk. (Minor Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

182th KDB (181)- Arulmigu Mahadevar Thirukkovil, Kodiyoor,  Kalkulam Taluk. (Minor Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

183th KDB (182)- Arulmigu  Bhagavathy Amman Thirukkovil, Kuzhikkode, Kalkulam Taluk. (Minor Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

184th KDB (183)- Arulmigu Venugopalakrishnan Thirukkovil, Eranial, (Hiraniya  Simha  Nalloor),   Kalkulam Taluk. (Minor Temple©® – [Click Here]

185th KDB (184)- Arulmigu Palkozhi Sastha Thirukkovil, Palkozhi, Kalkulam Taluk.(Minor Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

186th KDB (185)- Arulmigu Anaikkarai Sastha Thirukkovil, Eranial, Kalkulam Taluk. (Minor Temple©® – [Click Here]

187th KDB (186)- Arulmigu Madavilagam Sastha Thirukkovil, Madavilagom, Kalkulam Taluk. (Minor Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

188th KDB (187)- Arulmigu Mahadevar Thirukkovil, Sivagiri, Alwarcoil,  Kalkulam Taluk. (Minor Temple©® – [Click Here]

189th KDB (188)- Arulmigu Kailasathu Mahadevar Thirukkovil, Muttaikkadu, Kalkulam Taluk. (Minor Temple©® – [Click Here]

190th KDB (189)- Arulmigu Vellapillayar Thirukkovil, Manalikkarai, Kalkulam Taluk. (Minor Temple©® – [Click Here]

191th KDB (190)- Arulmigu Chunakkara Sastha Thirukkovil, Chemparaththivilai,  Kalkulam Taluk. (Minor Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

192th KDB (191)- Arulmigu Kaverikad Sastha Thirukkovil, Vazhikkalaampaadu, Kalkulam Taluk. (Minor Temple©® – [Click Here]

193th KDB (192) – Arulmigu Adavalleva Nainar Thirukkovil, Brahmapuram,  Kalkulam Taluk. (Minor Temple©® – [Click Here]

194th KDB (193)- Arulmigu Meinendra Vinayagar Thirukkovil, Padmanabhapuram, Kalkulam Taluk. (Minor Temple©® – [Click Here]

195th KDB (194)- Arulmigu Mahadevar Thirukkovil, Manavila, Kalkulam Taluk. (Minor Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

196th KDB (195)- Arulmigu Mahadevar Thirukkovil, Karakandeswaram, Kadiya Pattinam, Kalkulam Taluk. (Minor Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

197th KDB (196)- Arulmigu Thenthiravangaththu Aalwar Thirukkovil, Cheramangalam, Kalkulam Taluk. (Minor Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

198th KDB (197)- Arulmigu Krishnaswamy Thirukkovil, Thalakkulam, Kalkulam Taluk. (Minor Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

199th KDB (198)- Arulmigu Thrippaniyode Mahadevar Thirukkovil, Thrippaniyode, Kalkulam Taluk.(Minor Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

200th KDB (199)- Arulmigu Karingal Thirukkovil, Karingal, Kalkulam Taluk. (Minor Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

201th KDB (200)- Arulmigu Sastha Thirukkovil, Thikkanamcode, Kalkulam Taluk. (Minor Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

202th KDB (201)- Arulmigu Pannipagam Mahadevar Thirukkovil, Pannippagam, Kalkulam Taluk.(Minor Temple)©® -[Click here]
Sub-1: Arulmigu Mahadevar Paarivettai Mandapam (KDB 201)©® – [Click Here]


Sub-2: Arulmigu Amman Paarivettai Mandapam (KDB 201)©® – [Click Here]


Sub-3: Arulmigu Sastha Paarivettai Mandapam (KDB 201)©® – [Click Here]

203rd KDB (202)- Arulmigu Kaattaalai Shivan Thirukkovil, Kaattaalai, Kalkulam Taluk. (Minor Temple)©® – [Click here]


Sub-1: Arulmigu Kaattaalai Naaga Mandapam Thirukkovil (KDB 202 & 267)©® – [Click Here]


Sub-2: Arulmigu Kaattaalai Thampuran Thirukkovil (KDB 202 & 267)©® – [Click Here]


Sub-3: Kaattaalai Mahadevar Paarivettai Mandapam (KDB 202 & 267)©® – [Click Here]

204th KDB (203)- Arulmigu Ethavila Sastha Thirukkovil, Ethavilai, Kalkulam Taluk. (Minor Temple) ©® – [Click Here]


Sub-1:  Arulmigu Ethavila Mahadevar Thirukkovil, (KDB 203)©® – [Click Here]

205th KDB (204)- Arulmigu Poomala Sastha Thirukkovil, Poomaalai, Kalkulam Taluk. (Minor Temple©® – [Click Here]

206th KDB (205)- Arulmigu Kaithapuram Sree Dharma Sastha Thirukkovil, Kaithappuram,  Kalkulam Taluk. (Minor Temple©® – [Click Here]

207th KDB (206)- Arulmigu Edatheri Sastha Thirukkovil,  Edatheri,  Kalkulam Taluk. (Minor Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

208th KDB (207)- Arulmigu Thaathancode Sastha Thirukkovil, Velimalai, Kalkulam Taluk. (Small Temple©® – [Click Here]

209th KDB (208)- Arulmigu Maanamcode Sastha Thirukkovil, Velimalai, Kalkulam Taluk. (Small Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

210th KDB (209)- Arulmigu Kottaar Madam Pillayar Thirukkovil, Velimalai,  Kalkulam Taluk. (Small Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

211th KDB (210)- Arulmigu Shanmuga Vilasam Pillayar Thirukkovil, Velimalai, Kalkulam Taluk. (Small Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

212th KDB (211)- Arulmigu Theradi Bhoothathan Thirukkovil, Velimalai, Kalkulam Taluk.(Small Temple©® – [Click Here]

 213th KDB (212)- Arulmigu Madan Thampuran Thirukkovil, Velimalai, Kalkulam Taluk. (Small Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

214th KDB (213)- Arulmigu Sannathi Pillayar Thirukkovil, Padmanabhapuram,  Kalkulam Taluk. (Small Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

215th KDB (214)- Arulmigu Uchchi Pillayar Thirukkovil, Padmanabhapuram,  Kalkulam Taluk. (Small Temple©® – [Click Here]

216th KDB (215)- Arulmigu Azhakiya Pillayar Thirukkovil, Thiruvithancode,  Kalkulam Taluk.(Small Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

217th KDB (216)- Arulmigu Vilavoor Elangam Thirukkovil, Vilavoor, Kalkulam Taluk. (Small Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

218th KDB (217)- Arulmigu Maravoor Konam Sastha Thirukkovil,  Maruvookonam,  Kalkulam Taluk.(Small Temple©® – [Click Here]

219th KDB (218)- Arulmigu Kakkodu Thalai Sastha Thirukkovil, Kakkoduthalai, Kalkulam Taluk.(Small Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

220th KDB (219)- Arulmigu Puliyarai Kandan Sastha Thirukkovil, Muttaikkadu, Kalkulam Taluk.(Small Temple©® – [Click Here]

221th KDB (220)- Arulmigu Alaththamman Thirukkovil, Colachel, Kalkulam Taluk. (Small Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

222th KDB (221)- Arulmigu Chingankavu Thirukkovil, Colachel, Kalkulam Taluk. (Small Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

223th KDB (222)- Arulmigu Karayikulam Sastha Thirukkovil, Koottumangalam, Kalkulam Taluk. (Small Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

224th KDB (223)- Arulmigu Koottumangalam Sastha Thirukkovil, Mandaikkadu, Kalkulam Taluk. (Small Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

225th KDB (224)- Arulmigu Chirakkonam Sastha Thirukkovil, chaarodu, Kalkulam Taluk. (Small Temple©® – [Click Here]


Sub-1: Arulmigu Chirakkonam Sasthakovil  Bhairavar Mandapam(225th KDB-224)– [Click Here]

226th KDB (225)- Arulmigu Kulashekara Pillayar Thirukkovil, Padmanabhapuram,  Kalkulam Taluk. (Small Temple©® – [Click Here]

227th KDB (226)- Arulmigu Bhootha Pillayar Thirukkovil, Padmanabhapuram, Kalkulam Taluk. (Small Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

228th KDB (227)- Arulmigu Chemala Sastha Thirukkovil, Kannanoor, Kalkulam Taluk. (Small Temple©® – [Click Here]
Sub-1: Chemala Sastha Paarivettai Mandapam, Kalkulam Taluk. (228th KDB -227)– [Click Here]

229th KDB (228)- Arulmigu Thumpottu Sastha Thirukkovil, Kottoorkonam, Kalkulam Taluk. (Small Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

230th KDB (229)- Arulmigu Nandimangalam Thirukkovil, Thripparappu, Kalkulam Taluk. (Small Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

231th KDB (230)- Arulmigu Achchaleeswaram Thirukkovil, Kulashekaram, Kalkulam Taluk. (Small Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

232th KDB (231)- Arulmigu Undichal Mahadevar Thirukkovil,  Kulashekaram,  Kalkulam Taluk. (Small Temple©® – [Click Here]

233th KDB (232)- Arulmigu Koudathookki Sastha Thirukkovil, Kulashekaram,  Kalkulam Taluk. (Small Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

234th KDB (233)- Arulmigu Idam Pidicha Mahadevar Thirukkovil, Puththan Anai, Kalkulam Taluk.(Small Temple©® – [Click Here]

235th KDB (234)- Arulmigu Anakkara Sastha Thirukkovil, Puththan Anai, Kalkulam Taluk. (Small Temple©® – [Click Here]

236th KDB (235)- Arulmigu Saralkaala Sastha Thirukkovil, Kalkulam Taluk. (Small Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

237th KDB (236)- Arulmigu Chunakkarai Sastha Thirukkovil, Valliyaattumugam, Kalkulam Taluk. (Small Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

238th KDB (237)- Arulmigu Maramvilakki Sastha Thirukkovil, Peruvazhikkadavu, Kalkulam Taluk. (Small Temple©® – [Click Here]

239th KDB (238)- Arulmigu Pulimugam Sastha Thirukkovil, Ponmanai, Kalkulam Taluk. (Small Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

240th KDB (239)- Arulmigu Andoor Aavanampaarai Sreekandan Sastha Thirukkovil,  Andoor,  Kalkulam Taluk. (Small Temple©® – [Click Here]

241th KDB (240)- Arulmigu Pulayil Sastha Thirukkovil, Andoor, Kalkulam Taluk. (Small Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

242th KDB (241)- Arulmigu Kandanacheari Bhagavathy Amman Thirukkovil,  Mangalam, Kalkulam Taluk. (Small Temple©® – [Click Here]

243th KDB (242)- Arulmigu Nangoor Krishnaaswamy Thirukkovil, Valliyaattumugam, Kalkulam Taluk. (Small Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

244th KDB (243)- Arulmigu Kottavilai Sastha Thirukkovil, Mekkode,  Chiththirankode,  Kalkulam Taluk. (Small Temple©® – [Click Here]

245th KDB (244)- Arulmigu Panniyooddu Thampuran Thirukkovil, Panniyoode,  Kalkulam Taluk. (Small Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

246th KDB (245)- Arulmigu Panniyoddu Udayar Thirukkovil, Panniyoode,  Kalkulam Taluk. (Small Temple©® – [Click Here]

247th KDB (246)- Arulmigu Gnarakuzhy Sastha Thirukkovil, Puliyoor Kurichchy, Kalkulam Taluk. (Small Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

248th KDB (247)- Arulmigu Kollenvillai Sastha Thirukkovil, Kollenvillai, Kalkulam Taluk.(Small Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

249th KDB (248)- Arulmigu Kundala Sastha Thirukkovil, Padmanabhapuram, Kalkulam Taluk. (Small Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

250th KDB (249)- Arulmigu Chemppidari Amman  Thirukkovil, Puliyoor Kurichchy, Kalkulam Taluk. (Small Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

251th KDB (250)- Arulmigu Puliyoor Kurichchy, Sivan Thirukkovil, Puliyoor Kurichchy,  Kalkulam Taluk. (Small Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

252th KDB (251)- Arulmigu Balasubramanniaswamy Thirukkovil, Vellimala, Kalkulam Taluk. (Small Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

253th KDB (252)- Arulmigu Padmanabhan Thoppu Sastha Thirukkovil, Padmanabhan Thoppu, Kadiyapattanam, Kalkulam Taluk. (Small Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

254th KDB (253)- Arulmigu Pammathu Moolai Sastha Thirukkovil, Manavala Kurichchy,   Kalkulam Taluk. (Small Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

255th KDB (254)- Arulmigu Munpalaa  Sastha Thirukkovil, Manavala Kurichchy, Kalkulam Taluk. (Small Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

256th KDB (255)- Arulmigu Ponnayiramudaya Naynar  Thirukkovil, Karupparay, Kalkulam Taluk. (Small Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

257th KDB (256)- Arulmigu Kinkini Sastha Thirukkovil, Kadiyapattanam, Kalkulam Taluk. (Small Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

258th KDB (257)- Arulmigu Pallikkarai  Sastha Thirukkovil, Kadiyapattanam,  Kalkulam Taluk. (Small Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

259th KDB (258)- Arulmigu Eethankadu Sastha Thirukkovil, Kadiyapattanam, Kalkulam Taluk. (Small Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

260th KDB (259)- Arulmigu Artha kantan Sastha Thirukkovil, Thalakkulam,  Kalkulam Taluk. (Small Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

261th KDB (260)- Arulmigu Aapaththu Kaththa Kandan Sastha  Thirukkovil, Thalakkulam, Kalkulam Taluk. (Small Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

262th KDB (261)- Arulmigu Kaarippalli Sastha Thirukkovil, Kurunthancode, Kalkulam Taluk. (Small Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

263th KDB (262)- Arulmigu Neathiram Sivan Thirukkovil, Vaalvachchagosdam,  Kalkulam Taluk. (Small Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

264th KDB (263)- Arulmigu Arumavilai Thirukkovil, Vaalvachchagosdam, Kalkulam Taluk.(Small Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

265th KDB (264)- Arulmigu Alamparai Thirukkovil, Eraviputhoor, Kalkulam Taluk. (Small Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

266h KDB (265)- Arulmigu Kalleattivilai Sastha Thirukkovil, Vaalvachchagosdam, Kalkulam Taluk. (Small Temple©® – [Click Here]

267th KDB (266)- Arulmigu Kotheeswaramudaya Naynar Thirukkovil, Vaalvachchagosdam,  Kalkulam Taluk.  (Small Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

268th KDB (267)- Arulmigu Kaattaalai Kandan Sastha Thirukovil, (Kaattaalai Amman Kovil), Kaattaalai,  Velimalai,  Kalkulam Taluk (Small Temple)©® – [Click Here
Sub-1: Irumpudaiyaan Kulam-(Darbhakulam), Kaattaalai, Velimalai, Kalkulam Taluk – (268th KDB (267) – [Click Here

269th KDB (268)- Arulmigu Bhoothamuttam Sastha  Thirukkovil, Bhoothamadam, [Pannippaakam], Kalkulam Taluk. (Small Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

270th KDB (269)- Arulmigu Manalikkarai Elangathu Amman  Thirukkovil, Manalikkarai, [Pannippaakam],  Kalkulam Taluk . (Small Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

271th KDB (270)- Arulmigu Parayadi Sastha Thirukkovil,  Pannippaakam,  Kalkulam Taluk.(Small Temple)©® – [ Click Here]

272th KDB (271)- Arulmigu Kulangharai  Sastha Thirukkovil, [Pannippaakam], Kalkulam Taluk. (Small Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

273th KDB (272)- Arulmigu Ariyappan Sastha Thirukkovil, [Pannippaakam], Kalkulam Taluk. (Small Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

274th KDB (273)- Arulmigu Kalanjiyam Panchakannikaimaar  Thirukkovil, Charalvilai, Muttaikadu,  [Pannippaakam], Kalkulam Taluk .(Small Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

274-Ath KDB (485)- Arulmigu Kunnakad Sastha Thirukkovil, Manavaalakkurichchi,  Kalkulam Taluk.  (Small Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

இணைக்கப்படாத திருக்கோயில்கள் – பகுதி-1

Unincorporated Devaswoms – Part -1

10th KDB (457)- Arulmigu Kappiyara  Mahadevar  Thirukkovil, Kappiyara, kalkulam Taluk.  (Personal Deposited Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

11th KDB (458)- Arulmigu Maravoor Kandan Sastha Thirukkovil, Ponmanai, Kalkulam Taluk. (Personal Deposited Temple)©® – [Click Here]

இணைக்கப்படாத திருக்கோயில்கள் – பகுதி-2

Unincorporated Devaswoms – Part -2

4th  KDB (481)- Arulmigu  Sree Bhoothanathaswamy Thirukkovil, Rajaakkamangalam, Kalkulam Taluk (Sangetha Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

5th  KDB (482)- Arulmigu  Chadaiyappar Mahadevar  Thirukkovil, Thiruvidaikkode,  Aloor,  Kalkulam Taluk. (Sangetha Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

6th  KDB (483)- Arulmigu  Edamalai Sastha Thirukkovil, Edamalai,  Aloor,  Kalkulam Taluk. (Sangetha  Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

7th  KDB (484)- Arulmigu  Kannanthitta Sastha Thirukkovil, Kannanthitta, Paaraiyadi, Aloor, Kalkulam Taluk. (Sangetha Temple)  ©® – [Click Here]

8th  KDB (486)- Arulmigu  Cheruththalai Kandan Sastha Thirukkovil, Villukkuri,  Aloor, Kalkulam Taluk. (Sangetha Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

9th  KDB (487)- Arulmigu  Elangarai Kandan Sastha Thirukkovil, Aloor,  Kalkulam Taluk. (Sangetha  Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

10th  KDB (475)- Arulmigu  Earattapaadi Sree Padmanabhaswamy Thirukkovil Aloor, Kalkulam Taluk  (Sangetha Temple) ©® – [Click Hereand
(476) Earattapaadi Kalpaga Pillayar Thirukkovil, Aloor, Kalkulam Taluk  (Sangetha Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

11th  KDB (477)- Arulmigu  Nochchikulam Sastha Thirukkovil, Colachel,  Kalkulam Taluk. (Sangetha Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

இணைக்கப்படாத திருக்கோயில்கள் – பகுதி-3

Unincorporated Devaswoms – Part -3

1st  KDB (488)- Arulmigu  Muttakkad Bhoothathan Thirukkovil, Kothanalloor, Kalkulam Taluk (Sree Paadam Temple)  ©® – [Click Here]

2nd  KDB (489)- Arulmigu  Attinkara Padmanaabha Ayyanaar Thirukkovil,  Kadiyapattinam,  Kalkulam Taluk (Sree Paadam Temple) ©® – [Click Here]

நன்கொடை உதவி பெரும் திருக்கோயில்கள்/மடங்கள்

Grant In Aid Temples / Matoms / Institutions

1.  Arulmigu Neyyoor Graaman Thirukkovil (GIA Temple)– [click here]

2.  Arulmigu Villukuri Gandhari Amman Thirukkovil (GIA Temple)– [click here]

3.  Arulmigu Vilavoor Bhagavathi Thirukkovil (GIA Temple)– [click here]

4.  Arulmigu Kumarapuram Mutharamman Thirukkovil (GIA Temple)– [click here]

5.  Arulmigu Colachel Sambasiva Thirukkovil (GIA Temple)– [click here]

6.  Arulmigu Thiruvithamcode Venadu Mutharamman Thirukkovil (GIA Temple)– [click here]

7. Arulmigu  Eraniel Thumbairla Amman Thirukkovil (GIA Temple)– [click here]

8.  Arulmigu Pathramangalam Gowi Vilasom Bhagavathi Thirukkovil (GIA Temple)– [click here]

9.  Arulmigu Padmanabhapuram Balasubrarnoniaswamy Thirukkovil (GIA Temple)– [click here]

10.  Arulmigu Thaiakulam Thumbairla Sambavar Amman Thirukkovil (GIA Temple)– [click here]

11.  Arulmigu Thiruvithamcode Chandanamari Amman Thirukkovil (GIA Temple)– [click here]

12.  Arulmigu Mallamcode Nagaramman Thirukkovil (GIA Temple)– [click here]

13.  Arulmigu Vaikuntapuram Sreekrishnaswamy Thirukkovil (GIA Temple)– [click here]

14. Padmanabhapuram Sreekrishna Bhajana Matam (GIA Matom)– [click here]

15.  Padmanabhapuram Sreevidya Ganeshalayam (GIA Institution)– [click here]

16.  Arulmigu Puliyoorkurichi Sreekrishnaswami Thirukkovil (GIA Temple)– [click here]

17.  Arulmigu Padmanabhapuram Kannankulathu Mutharamman Thirukkovil (GIA Temple)– [click here]

18.  Colochel Nagakkani Ammai Sanyasini Asramom (GIA Matom)– [click here]

19.  Arulmigu Colochel Anchali Amman Thirukkovil (GIA Temple)– [click here]

20. Padmanabhapurarn Swayam Prakesh Asramom (GIA Matom)– [click here]