Nagercoil Devaswom Group நாகர்கோயில் தொகுதி தேவஸம்


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Nagercoil (Agastheeswaram Taluk) was the erstwhile taluk of the princely state of Travancore in India. Maharaja of Travancore_kdbThe States Reorganisation Act, 1956 came into effect from the 1 November 1956, and consequently, the Tamil-speaking area of Agastheeswaram Taluk of Thiruvananthapuram district were transferred from Travancore-Cochin to Madras State including  99 Travancore Devaswom Board Temples. These Temples are now under the Administration & Control of The Joint Commissioner, Kanyakumari District Devaswom Board, Suchidram. As per the Act 30 of 1959, passed by the Madras legislature, the Kanyakumari Devaswom Board was established on 1st April 1960. It was when the states were divided on Language basis that Agastheeswaram Taluk of erstwhile Padmanabhapuram divition in Thiruvananthapuram District of The Travancore-Cochin State. Then the Padmanabhapuram Divition of Travancore-Cochin State were included in Madras State; The Madras State was later renamed as Tamil Nadu State and then The Padmanabhapuram Divition of erstwhile Thiruvanathapuram District becomes as Kanyakumari Distrisct of Tamilnadu State.


The Agastheeswaram Taluk Map: attached in bottom of this page. From this Map we can able to realise the exact Locations of Sree Pandara vakai Lands, Sarkar Devaswom vakai Lands,  Kandukrishi vakai Lands, Reserved Forest area & Villages of Agastheeswaram Taluk (copy extracted from The Travancore Devaswom Records – 1914 AD / 1090 ME).

இணைக்கப்பட்ட திருக்கோயில்கள்

Incorporated Devaswoms

67th KDB- Arulmigu Thanumalayan Thirukkovil, Suchindram, Agastheeswaram Taluk. (Major Temple)©® – [click here]

68th KDB- Arulmigu Bhagavathyamman Thirukkovil, Kanyakumari, Agastheeswaram Taluk. (Major Temple)©® – [click here]

69th KDB- Arulmigu Agasthiyamudaya Nainar Thirukkovil, Agastheeswaram, Agastheeswaram Taluk. (Major Temple)©® – [click here]

70th KDB- Arulmigu  Subramaniaswamy Thirukkovil, Marungoor, Agastheeswaram Taluk. (Major Temple)©® – [click here]

71th KDB- Arulmigu Eaduththayudhamudaya Nainar Thirukkovil, Banamthittai, Agastheeswaram Taluk. (Major Temple)©® – [click here]

72th KDB- Arulmigu Mathusoothanaperumal Thirukkovil Parakkai, Agastheeswaram Taluk. (Major Temple)©® – [click here]

73th KDB- Arulmigu Pachchaperumal Thirukkovil, Ezhagaram, Agastheeswaram Taluk. (Major Temple)©® – [click here]

74th KDB- Arulmigu Azhakamman Thirukkovil, Vadiveeswaram, Agastheeswaram Taluk. (Major Temple)©® – [click here]

75th KDB (455)- Arulmigu Nagaraja Thirukkovil, Nagercoil, Agastheeswaram Taluk (Major Temple)©® – [click here]

76th KDB (75) – Arulmigu Thazhuviya Mahadevar Thirukkovil,  Thaliyal,  Agastheeswaram Taluk. (Major Temple©® – [click here]

77th KDB (76)-Arulmigu Krishnanaswamy Thirukkovil, Krishnankovil, Agastheeswaram Taluk. (Major Temple)©® – [click here]

78th KDB (78)- Arulmigu Natarajar Thirukkovil, Perambalam,  Suchendiram, Agastheeswaram Taluk. (Major Temple)©® – [click here]

79th KDB (77)- Arulmigu Thekketheruvu Kulasekara Perumal Thirukkovil,  Perambalam,  Sucheenthiram, Agastheeswaram Taluk. (Major Temple)©® – [click here]

80th KDB (79)- Arulmigu  Krishnanaswamy Thirukkovil, Asramam,  Sucheenthiram,  Agastheeswaram Taluk. (Major Temple)©® – [click here]

81th KDB (80)- Arulmigu Munnuthiththa Nangayamman Thirukkovil, Sucheenthiram, Agastheeswaram Taluk. (Major Temple)©® – [click here]

82th KDB (81)- Arulmigu Sakkaratheertha Viswanathar Thirukkovil, Kanniyakumari, Agastheeswaram Taluk. (Minor Temple)©® – [click here]

83th KDB (82)- Arulmigu Panchalangapuram Krishnanaswamy Thirukkovil, Panchalangapuram, (Makaathaanapuram), Agastheeswaram Taluk. (Minor Temple)©® – [click here]

84th KDB (83)- Arulmigu Vadaketheruvu Mahadevar Thirukkovil,  Vadaketheruvu,  Agastheeswaram Taluk. (Minor Temple)©® – [click here]

85th KDB (84)- Arulmigu Akkarai Mahadevar Thirukkovil, Akkarai, Parakkai,  Agastheeswaram Taluk (Minor Temple)©® – [click here]

86th KDB (85)- Arulmigu Kariaya Maanickaththu Aazhwar Thirukkovil, Kariyamaanickapuram, Agastheeswaram Taluk (Minor Temple)©® – [click here]

87th KDB (86)- Arulmigu Valampuri Vinayagar Thirukkovil, Eazhakaram, Agastheeswaram Taluk (Minor Temple)©® – [click here]

88th KDB (87)- Arulmigu Aarumuga Pillayar Thirukkovil, Eazhakaram, Agastheeswaram Taluk (Minor Temple)©® – [click here]

89th KDB (88)- Arulmigu Thottavilai Sastha Thirukkovil, Vadiveeswaram, Agastheeswaram Taluk (Minor Temple)©® – [click here]

90th KDB (89)- Arulmigu Idatheertha Perumal Thirukkovil, Vadiveeswaram,  Agastheeswaram Taluk (Minor Temple)©® – [click here]

91th KDB (90)- Arulmigu MelaVaathil (Melavaasal) Vinayagar Thirukkovil,   Perambalam,  Agastheeswaram Taluk (Minor Temple)©® – [click here]

92th KDB (91)- Arulmigu Thruvenkida Vinna Perumal Thirukkovil, Aashramam,  Agastheeswaram Taluk (Minor Temple)©® – [click here]

93th KDB (92)- Arulmigu Brahmarakshasa Perumal Thirukkovil, Agastheeswaram Taluk (Minor Temple)©® – [click here]

94th KDB (93)- Arulmigu Apathukatha Kandan Sastha Thirukkovil, Thaamarakkulam, Agastheeswaram Taluk (Minor Temple)©® – [click here]

95th KDB (94)- Arulmigu Peria Paandeeswara Mudaya Ninar Thirukkovil, Taamarakkulam, Agastheeswaram Taluk (Minor Temple)©® – [click here]

96th KDB (95)- Arulmigu Kaasi Viswanathar Thirukkovil, Sucheenthiram, Agastheeswaram Taluk (Minor Temple)©® – [click here]

97th KDB (96)- Arulmigu Alathamman Thirukkovil, Thaamarakkulam, Agastheeswaram Taluk (Minor Temple)©® – [click here]

98th KDB (97)- Arulmigu Eraviputhur Eravi Vinayagar Thirukkovil, Iravipputhoor, Marungoor, Agastheeswaram Taluk (Minor Temple)©® – [click here]

99th KDB (98)- Arulmigu Krishnaswamy Thirukkovil, Vishnupuram, Marungoor, Agastheeswaram Taluk (Minor Temple)©® – [click here]

100th KDB (99) – Arulmigu Poosastha Thirukkovil, Vannaaththamkulam, Marungoor,  Agastheeswaram Taluk (Minor Temple)©® – [click here]

101th KDB (100)- Arulmigu KothichaPillayagaram Perumal Thirukkovil, KothichaPillayagaram, Agastheeswaram Taluk (Minor Temple)©® – [click here]

102th KDB (101)- Arulmigu Kaasi Viswanaathar Thirukkovil, Kothichapillaiagaram, Agastheeswaram Taluk (Minor Temple)©® – [click here]

103th KDB (102)- Arulmigu Therkkuman Saakshi Vinayagar Thirukkovil, Therkkuman, Perambalam,  Agastheeswaram Taluk (Small Temple)©® – [click here]

104th KDB (103)- Arulmigu Veeramarthanda Vinayagar Thirukkovil, Perambalam, Agastheeswaram Taluk (Small Temple)©® – [click here]

105th KDB (104)- Arulmigu Arasadi Vinayagar Thirukkovil, Aashramam, Agastheeswaram Taluk (Small Temple)©® – [click here]

106th KDB (105)- Arulmigu Kulasekara Vinayagar Thirukkovil, Sucheenthiram, Agastheeswaram Taluk (Small Temple)©® – [click here]

107th KDB (106)- Arulmigu Karumkali Amman Thirukkovil, Sucheenthiram,  Agastheeswaram Taluk (Small Temple)©® – [click here]

108th KDB (107)- Arulmigu Puthugramam Perumal Thirukkovil, Puthugraamam, Kothichapillaiagaram,  Agastheeswaram Taluk (Minor Temple)©® – [click here]

109th KDB (108)- Arulmigu Karuppukotta Kailaasanaathar Thirukkovil, Karuppukottai,  Agastheeswaram Taluk (Minor Temple)©® – [click here]

110th KDB (109)- Arulmigu Perumal Thirukkovil, Puravassary, Agastheeswaram Taluk (Minor Temple)©® – [click here]

111th KDB (110)- Arulmigu  Sivan Thirukkovil, Puravassery, Agastheeswaram Taluk (Minor Temple)©® – [click here]

112th KDB (111)- Arulmigu Arassadi Krishnanaswamy Thirukkovil, Puravassary,  Agastheeswaram Taluk (Minor Temple)©® – [click here]

113th KDB (112)- Arulmigu Poosastha (Pookandan Sastha) Thirukkovil, Puthugraamam, Agastheeswaram Taluk (Minor Temple)©® – [click here]

114th KDB (113)- Arulmigu Vasudevar Thirukkovil, Ozhikinashery, Agastheeswaram Taluk (Minor Temple)©® – [click here]

115th KDB (114)- Arulmigu Kommandayamman Thirukkovil, Vadashery,  Agastheeswaram Taluk (Minor Temple)©® – [click here]

116th KDB (115)- Arulmigu  Chozha Raja Thirukkovil, Cholapuram, Vadashery,  Agastheeswaram Taluk (Minor Temple)©® – [click here]

117th KDB (116)- Arulmigu Enkodi Kantan Sastha Thirukkovil, Ozhikinashery, Agastheeswaram Taluk (Small Temple)©® – [click here]

118th KDB (117)- Arulmigu  Chokkanaathaswamy Thirukkovil, Peruvila, Agastheeswaram Taluk (Minor Temple)©® – [click here]

119th KDB (118)- Arulmigu Agni Mahadevar Thirukkovil, Vembanoor, Agastheeswaram Taluk (Minor Temple)©® – [click here]

120th KDB (119)- Arulmigu Mahadevar Thirukkovil, Kattimancode, Agastheeswaram Taluk (Minor Temple)©® – [click here]

121th KDB (120)- Arulmigu Srimad Dwarahrakai Krishnan Thirukkovil, Sucheenthiram, Agastheeswaram Taluk (Minor Temple)©® – [click here]

122th KDB (121)- Arulmigu Brahmasandhi Kanni Vinayagar Thirukkovil, Kanyakumari, Agastheeswaram Taluk  (Small Temple)©® – [click here]

123th KDB (122)- Arulmigu Sannadhitheru Viswanathar Thirukkovil, Sannadhi Theru, Kanyakumari, Agastheeswaram Taluk  (Small Temple)©® – [click here]

124th KDB (123)- Arulmigu Badrakali Thyagasoundari Amman Thirukkovil, Kanyakumari, Agastheeswaram Taluk  (Small Temple)©® – [click here]

125th KDB (124)- Arulmigu Keezhatheru Viswanathar Thirukkovil, Kanyakumari, Agastheeswaram Taluk (Small Temple)©® – [click here]

126th KDB (125)- Arulmigu Guhanadheeswarar Thirukkovil, Kanyakumari,  Agastheeswaram Taluk (Small Temple)©® – [click here]

127th KDB (126)- Arulmigu Oor Muppidari Amman Thirukkovil, Agastheeswaram Taluk (Small Temple)©® – [click here]

128th KDB (127)- Arulmigu  Bhagavathy Vinayagar Thirukkovil,  Bhagavathymatom,   Kottaaram,  Agastheeswaram Taluk (Small Temple)©® – [click here]

129th KDB (128)- Arulmigu  Damodara Vinayagar Thirukkovil,  Manthaaram  puthoor,  Agastheeswaram Taluk (Small Temple)©® – [click here]

130th KDB (129)- Arulmigu Paramaarthalingaswamy Thirukkovil, Marunthuvaalmalai, Agastheeswaram Taluk (Small Temple)©® – [click here]

131th KDB (130) – Arulmigu Alathu Badrakali Amman Thirukkovil, Agastheeswaram, Agastheeswaram Taluk (Small Temple)©® – [click here]

132th KDB (131)- Arulmigu Vazhi Ottakaran Thirukkovil,  Agastheeswaram,  Agastheeswaram Taluk (Small Temple)©® – [click here]

133th KDB (132)- Arulmigu Elayanainar Thirukkovil, Theroor, Agastheeswaram Taluk (Small Temple)©® – [click here]

134th KDB (133)- Arulmigu Koranadi Korakkanaathar Thirukkovil, Koranadi, Baanamthittai,  Agastheeswaram Taluk (Small Temple)©® – [click here]

135th KDB (134)- Arulmigu Murukathala Kandan Sastha Thirukkovil, Marukaalthalai, Baanamthittai,  Agastheeswaram Taluk (Small Temple)©® – [click here]

136th KDB (135)- Arulmigu Valikolli Amman Thirukkovil, Parakkai, Agastheeswaram Taluk (Small Temple)©® – [click here]

137th KDB (136)- Arulmigu Koorudaya Kandan Sastha Thirukkovil, Parakkai, Agastheeswaram Taluk (Small Temple)©® – [click here]

138th KDB (137)- Arulmigu Chempaka Naachchi Amman Thirukkovil, Ezhakaram, Agastheeswaram Taluk (Small Temple)©® – [click here]

139th KDB (138)- Arulmigu Pachcha Perumal Sastha Thirukkovil, Agastheeswaram Taluk (Small Temple)©® – [click here]

140th KDB (139)- Arulmigu Theradi Isakki Amman Thirukkovil, Nagercoil, Agastheeswaram Taluk (Small Temple)©® – [click here]

141th KDB (140)- Arulmigu Oottukuzhi Kannimar Thirukkovil, Krishnankovil,  Agastheeswaram Taluk (Small Temple)©® – [click here]

142th KDB (141)- Arulmigu Bhutham Vanangum Kandan Sastha Thirukkovil, Vadassery, Agastheeswaram Taluk (Small Temple)©® – [click here]

143th KDB (142)- Arulmigu Sthaanu Vinayagar Thirukkovil, Krishnankovil, Agastheeswaram Taluk (Small Temple)©® – [click here]

144th KDB (143)- Arulmigu Velikanta Mahadevar Thirukkovil, Peruvilai,  Agastheeswaram Taluk (Small Temple)©® – [click here]

145th KDB (144)- Arulmigu Esakki Amman Thirukkovil, Kottaaram, Agastheeswaram Taluk (Small Temple)©® – [click here]

146th KDB (145)- Arulmigu Annamalai Kandan Sastha Thirukkovil, Theroor, Agastheeswaram Taluk (Small Temple)©® – [click here]

147th KDB (146)- Arulmigu Eravikulam Sastha Thirukkovil, Peruvilai, Agastheeswaram Taluk (Small Temple)©® – [click here]

148th KDB (147)- Arulmigu Tharamanikandan Sastha Thirukkovil, Kothichapillaiagaram, Agastheeswaram Taluk (Small Temple)©® – [click here]

149th KDB (148)- Arulmigu Alaththamman Thirukkovil, Peruvilai, Rajakkamangalam, Agastheeswaram Taluk (Small Temple)©® – [click here]

150th KDB (149)- Arulmigu Kannakkurichi Sastha Thirukkovil, Peruvilai, Agastheeswaram Taluk (Small Temple)©® – [click here]

151th KDB (150)- Arulmigu Puthukulam Sastha Thirukkovil, Puthukkulam, Parakkai, Agastheeswaram Taluk (Small Temple)©® – [click here]

152th KDB (151)- Arulmigu Grama Vinayagar Thirukkovil, Perambalam, Agastheeswaram Taluk (Small Temple)©® – [click here]

153th KDB (152)- Arulmigu Abhimaanam Kaathha Vinayagar Thirukkovil, Perambalam, Agastheeswaram Taluk (Small Temple)©® – [click here]

154th KDB (153)- Arulmigu Thazhamkulam Vinayadar Thirukkovil, Thazhamkulam, Perambalam,  Agastheeswaram Taluk (Small Temple)©® – [click here]

155th KDB (154)- Arulmigu Esakki Amman Thirukkovil, Krishnankovil, Agastheeswaram Taluk (Small Temple)©® – [click here]

156th KDB (155)- Arulmigu Bhuthathan (Sree Boothanaathaswamy) Thirukkovil, Perambalam,  Agastheeswaram Taluk (Small Temple)©® – [click here]

157th KDB (156)- Arulmigu Karppaka Vinayagar Thirukkovil,  Kothichapillaiagaram,  Agastheeswaram Taluk (Small Temple)©® – [click here]

158th KDB (157)- Arulmigu Putheri Eravi Vinayagar Thirukkovil, Puravashery, Agastheeswaram Taluk (Small Temple)©® – [click here]

159th KDB (158)- Arulmigu Arasadi Shastha Thirukkovil, Velikkara, Nagercoil,  Agastheeswaram Taluk (Small Temple)©® – [click here]

159Ath  KDB (470)- Arulmigu Anakkara Vinayagar Thirukkovil, Aashraamam, Agastheeswaram Taluk (Small Temple)©® – [click here]

இணைக்கப்படாத திருக்கோயில்கள் – பகுதி-1

Unincorporated Devaswoms – Part -1

7th KDB (471)- Arulmigu Marukathala Kandan Sastha Thirukkovil, Thengamputhoor, Agastheeswaram Taluk (Personel Deposited Temple)©® – [click here]

8th KDB (472)- Arulmigu Thanuvalingaswamy Thirukkovil, Thengamputhoor, Agastheeswaram Taluk (Personel Deposited Temple)©® – [click here]

9th KDB (473)- Arulmigu Kaikonda Vinayagar Thirukkovil, Agastheeswaram Taluk (Personel Deposited Temple)©® – [click here]

இணைக்கப்படாத திருக்கோயில்கள் – பகுதி-2

Unincorporated Devaswoms – Part -2

2nd  KDB (479)- Arulmigu  Puthugrammam Ramanamatam (Raamanaapeedam) Bhoothathan Thirukkovil, Puthugrammam, Therar, Agastheeswaram Taluk (Sangetha Temple)©® – [click here]

3rd KDB (480)- Arulmigu Vembanoor Eswarakalathampuran Thirukkovil, Vilaiveedu,Vembanoor, Neendakara, Agastheeswaram Taluk (Sangetha Temple)©® – [click here]

நன்கொடை உதவி பெரும் திருக்கோயில்கள்/மடங்கள்

Grant In Aid Temples / Matoms / Institutions

1st-NDG Arulmigu Asiarnarn Grammom Balasubrarnoniaswamy Thirukkovil (KDB-GIA Temple) – [click here]

2nd-NDG  Arulmigu Asramarn Grammom Sastha Thirukkovil (KDB-GIA Temple) – [click here]

3rd-NDG  Arulmigu Vadasery Agasthiar Thirukkovil (KDB-GIA Temple) – [click here]

4th-NDG  Arulmigu Eraviputhoor Krishnaswami Thirukkovil (KDB-GIA Temple)– [click here]

5th-NDG  Arulmigu Suchindrakularn Melakkavacheriy  Mutharamman  Thirukkovil  (KDB-GIA Temple) – [click here]

6th-NDG  Arulmigu Suchindrakulam Melakkavacherry  Chudalamadan  Thirukkovil   (KDB-GIA Temple) – [click here]

7th-NDG  Arulmigu Kaniykulani Parayadi Muthararnman  Thirukkovil  (KDB-GIA Temple) – [click here]

8th-NDG  Arulmigu Vadiveeswaram Balaaubramoniaswamy Thirukkovil (KDB-GIA Temple) – [click here]

9th-NDG  Arulmigu Mukilanvila Balavinayakar Thirukkovil   (KDB-GIA Temple) – [click here]

10th-NDG  Arulmigu Suchindrum Vadakketheru  Gomathi  Amman  Thirukkovil   (KDB-GIA Temple) – [click here]

11th-NDG  Arulmigu Nagercoil Layathumooden Thampuran Thirukkovil  (KDB-GIA Temple) – [click here]

12th-NDG  Arulmigu Krishnanputhoor Vinayakar Thirukkovil (KDB-GIA Temple) – [click here]

13th-NDG  Arulmigu Erulappapuram Sivan Thirukkovil  (KDB-GIA Temple) – [click here]

14th-NDG  Ethamozhi Kombawami Matom (KDB-GIA Matom) – [click here]

15th-NDG  Sarvodaya Gurukulam, Konan  (KDB-GIA Institution) – [click here]

வருராந்தர நன்கொடை பெரும் திருக்கோயில்கள்

Annual Grant Temples

 1st-NDG  Arulmigu Rajakkarnangalam Bhoothanathaswamy Thirukkovil (KDB-AG Temple)– [click here]

2nd-NDG  Arulmigu Irulappapuram Thirukkovil (KDB-AG Temple) – [click here]

3rd-NDG  Arulmigu Suchindrum Nadutheru Pukazhumperumal Sastha Thirukkovil (KDB-AG Temple) – [click here]

4th-NDG  Arulmigu  Suchindrum Thekkumon Kolanthurai Kantan Sastha Thirukkovil (KDB-AG Temple) – [click here]

Agastheeswaram Taluka