1st KDB – Arulmigu Bhoothalinga Swamy Thirukkovil, Bhoothappandi, Thovala Taluk – Major Devaswom.

kdb-12அருள்மிகு பூதலிங்கசாமி திருக்கோயில்

பூதப்பாண்டி, தோவாளை தாலுகா

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Main Deity : Bhootha Linga Swamy.

Ambal : Sivagami Ambal.

Other Deities : Subramanya Swamy, Maghizhamudaya Sastha, Sandeekeswarar, Dakshinamoorthy, Kanni Vinayagar, Ninathathai Mudikkum Vinayagar,

Temple Tree : Vilva Tree (Aegle Marmeolus).

Prominence of the Shrine : Major Cirkar/Sarkar Devaswom; At this temple Lord Shiva is in Self-made (Rudrakshameni Swayambu) form.  If you wish something and pray to the Lord  Ganesha here that will happen.  There is a dedicated Sannidhi for Ganesha, Subrahmanya Swamy an Sastha.  This temple is constructed  inside the cave.  There is huge chain made up of single stone.  Flag hoist at this temple is very tall and the Temple car here is very old  and high weight.  There is a dedicated temple for Tamil Poet Avvaiyar located at 5 KMs from Bhootha linga Swamy temple.

History of the Temple : The temple is said to have constructed by Pasum Pon Pandyan king somewhere between 25AD to 50AD in the name of his father. The temple has a Swayambhu Linga. The temple is situated at the foot of the hill known as Thadakaimalai which is considered to be the abode of Thadakai in Ramayana. This temple faces the east and there is a tank with a small mandapa on the northern side. The presiding deity is called Bhoothalingaswamy. The sanctum sanctorum of the temple is a crude cell excavated on the eastern face of a huge irregular mass of rock. The Linga is also carved in the same rock. There is no Vimana over this shrine. The Ardhamandapa and Mahamandapa were later additions. The rock is grit round by a thick stonewall which gives it the appearance of a minor fort. On the right side of entrance to the sanctum is the image of Vinayak and the image of Nandi is in front of the linga. On the right side of Nandi facing south is Nataraja with Sivakami ambal. Adithyan, Subramanian with valli and Deyvanai, Sandikeswarar are other deities of the temple.Outside the prakaram (outer courtyard), anyone will be allowed pooja to Kasi Viswanathar and Ulagayanayagi. Besides the Bhuthalingaswamy is a separate shrine dedicated to sivakami ambal for which there is a small vimana above the shrine.

Legend of the Temple : According to Kerala Mahatmiyam, the Pandiyas invaded Kerala with an army of spirits known as Bhuthathans; and they were defeated by the warrior sage, Parasurama. Another legend is that, a cow was not giving milk and was wandering in the bushes. Its owner followed the cow curiously and found out in the bushes. And he caught the releasing its milk onto a stone hidden in the bushes. The owner angrily removed the bush and found out a stone idol. He then hit the idol causing scarring marks on it. Even today the scars are seen on this stone idol, which has been come to worship as Lord Shiva. And this shrine is called Salian Kanda Thirumeni. The Boothapandi is headquartered of Thovalai taluk in Kanyakumari District. It is just 7 km northeast of Nagercoil. The village is on the western bank of the river Pazhaiyar.

Temple Timings : Morning 4:00 A.M. – 11:00 A.M. Evening 4:00 P.M. to 7:30 P.M.

Pooja Details : Pradosham, Special poojas on Full moon (Powrnami) & No moon (Ammavaasai) days.

Temple Festivals Big festivals on Thai Tamil month and Chithirai Tamil month.