The Travancore Royal / Devaswom Documents & Records:- 
  1. The Travancore History from Earlier period – Sri.P.Sangunni Menon⇒click here

  2. The History of Travancore-Venad Royal Kulasekhara Dynasty  : ⇒click here

  3. The Kerala (Travancore) Land Revenue Manual 2nd edition-2010 : ⇒click here

  4. List of 490 KDB Temples ⇒click here

  5. The Personal Deposited Temples & institutions under TDB ⇒click here

  6. List of Grant in Aid Institutions under KDB ⇒click here

  7. List of spl. Temples under KDB – works in Arts ⇒click here

    Royal Proclamations,  Acts & Rules:-
    1. The Travancore Devaswom Proclamation – -12.04.1922 ⇒click here

    2. The Travancore Temple Entry Proclamation – 12.11.1936 ⇒click here

    3. The Travancore – Cochin Temple Entry Act XXVII of 1950 – Rules ⇒click here

    4. The Travancore -Cochin Hindu Religious Institution Act XV of 1950 ⇒click here

    5. The Scale of Pay under Devaswom Board as per Act XV of 1950 ⇒click here 

    6. Hindu Samaya Aranilaiya Aatchchi Thurai Rules for  KDB Temples :Manual_1

    7. The Kanyakumari Sreepandaravaka Lands (Abolition and Conversion into Ryotwari) Act, 1964 (Act 31 of 1964)  : =>click here

    8. The Sree Pandaravaka Lands (Vesting and Enfranchisement) Act, 1971 Act 20 of 1971 :=>click here

    9. The Sreepadam Lands Enfranchisement Act,1969 (Act 20 of 1969) :=>click here

    10. The Kanyakumari Sree-Padam Lands (Abolition and Conversion into

      Ryotwari) Act, 1972 (Act 11 of 1973)   :=.click here 

Study Reports on T.D.B. & K.D.B. Temples by Sri.Krishnan Nair
(small small mistakes are found but quite useful):-
  1. Introduction to study on Travancore Devaswom History : ⇒click here

  2. Origin of Devaswom Administration – chapter 1⇒click here

  3. Formation of Devaswom Departments – chapter 2⇒click here

  4. Functioning of Devaswom Departments – chapter 3⇒click here

  5. Popularisation of Devaswom Worship – chapter 4⇒click here

  6. Statutory Regulation of Travancore Devaswoms – chapter 5⇒click here

  7. Establishment of Travancore Devaswom Board – chapter 6⇒click here

  8. Establishment of Kanyakumari Devaswom Board – chapter 7⇒click here

  9. Meanings of Technical Words – chapter 8⇒click here

  10. Bibliography – chapter 9⇒click here

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